Christian Life Centre Oxford UK

Christian Life Centre - A Short History

Christian life centre is a vibrant, Word based church located in the heart of Cowley, Oxford. The church has a warm, welcoming atmosphere that will immediately impact you when you walk through the doors. The warmth of the church affects every culture, hence the diverse and different peoples that attend our church services. CLC has become a home for over 36 different nations and this continues to grow.

CLC church is now 16 years old, it was founded by Pastor Grady Reid in 1996. Since then God has blessed the family of CLC, we have acquired our own church site comprising: church building, retails offices and residential units.

The worship is electrifying, sometimes taking you to the point of tears as you see yourself before God. There is freedom to worship the Lord as you feel led. We have testimonies of healings, strongholds being broken and burdens lifted as people are caught up in Davidic worship.

The Word is preached with relevance, clarity and purpose, building into people’s life the eternal truth of God’s word. CLC are not offering ‘quick fix’ solutions of years spent in neglected of one’s character, however, we say with confidence and conviction that if you commit your ways to the Lord, your life will change for the glory of God.

The Church has established a strong presence within the city of Oxford and our work and ministry is influencing many lives for Jesus.

We continue to strive to fulfill our vision which is: "Making A Difference, Changing Lives, Fulfilling Dreams".

Visit with us and we can promise you a great time of rejoicing in the Lord, warmth, true fellowship and you will leave with an increase appreciation of the Lord’s great gift of salvation – we look forward to seeing you.